Henry's Light

Brand Development & Design
Website Design
Content Strategy

Everyone matters, everyone is beautiful and loved. 

Henry’s Light is a new non profit, founded in the wake of a tragic accident. In honor of her young child, Henry’s mother established the organization with the goal of supporting programming and opportunities for local children and their caretakers. The mission of Henry’s Light is to help children thrive through building stronger relationships with the significant adults in their lives. 

As a new organization, Henry’s Light came to Brightwell Creative in need of a brand identity, website, and content strategy. Beginning with the brand identity, we created a flexible system with a primary logo that would honor Henry’s story, feel welcoming, radiant, and hopeful. Bright, bold colors and playful elements throughout the system were designed to inspire connection and relationship building.

The website, was designed to speak to the organization’s three primary audiences, making it easy for the user to find the resources available for them through Henry’s Light. We are pleased to continue partnering with Henry’s Light to continue building and developing content for their communications strategy.