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Sit better. Live better.

In 2016, QOR360 launched an innovative line of active sitting chairs. Their mission was to promote wellness through helping people reduce their sedentary time with one simple change: swap their standard chair with an active chair. 

When QOR360 came to us in 2017, they had a solid visual identity and assets… and sales that were stagnant at around 1 chair per day. Looking to at least double that, they assembled a team to take a comprehensive look at the website, marketing, and pr. 

Knowing their product was superior to anything available on the market, our goal was to build awareness of active sitting, challenge how consumers thought about sitting, and redefine the common expectation of “chair.”   

As part of the QOR360 team, we increased awareness through social media and earned media outreach, cultivated prospects with regular e-newsletters and retargeting campaigns, boosted conversion rate with improved web performance, and enhanced the customer experience with updated packaging, video, and additional brand collateral. To date, sales have grown ten-fold, and the company continues to grow, successfully adding new chair designs to their active sitting lineup.